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database design, training and consulting services. Dedicated to helping you get the most from FileMaker Pro and your databases.

Boston-based consultant with clients nationwide and three decades of experience developing business applications.

Phone: 617-965-9544

Member, TechNet and FileMaker Business Alliance of Database Consultants and Developers

  1. BulletDatabase Design — Custom tailored databases created to suit your specific needs. Powerful, efficient and easy to use.

  2. BulletData Manipulation — Expert database management, including re-structuring existing files, converting from non-database files, importing, exporting, mail-merging, clean-up and other data reformatting techniques.

  3. BulletTraining & Support — Documentation and personalized instruction at all levels.

  4. BulletProject Consulting — Helping you develop or improve your own databases by avoiding common mistakes and preparing for future demands.